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Sanford 2-In-1 Correction Combo, 22 Ml Bottle, White

[Model: PAP 42030]

2-In-1 Correction Combo, 22 Ml Bottle, White
Our Price: $3.35  
In Stock


Model: PAP 42030
Innovative cap offers two functions in one: use foam wedge applicator for large areas or correction pen tip for precise application. Twist cap off to access foam wedge applicator. Pull clear cap off for correction pen tip. Quick-drying liquid covers ballpoint, gel, roller ball pen and most marker inks. Correction Fluid Type: Foam/Pen Applicator; Color(s): White; Applicator Type: Foam;Pen Tip.
  • Applicator Type: Foam, Pen Tip
  • Capacity (Volume): 0.73 oz
  • Color(s): White
  • Correction Fluid Type: Foam/Pen Applicator
  • Quantity: 1 each
  • Suggested Use: Gel, Most Marker Ink, Roller Ball Pen, Small Print
Sold by: 1 Each

Equivalent model numbers:
  PAP 42030
  PA 42030
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