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Admiral Craft Steak Knife, Gaucho Ii, Poly/Rounded Blade 12

[Model: ADC GSK-62] (12)

Steak Knife, Gaucho Ii, Poly/Rounded Blade 12
Our Price: $18.50  
per dozen
In Stock


Model: ADC GSK-62
Gaucho Family of Steak Knives — The Adcraft Gaucho is one of the most widely recognized steak knives in the food service industry. Used in the most popular steak houses across the country, the Gaucho is known for its superior blade and workmanship. From the original model with wood handle and rounded tip, we now offer a host of choices. These big, brawny knives are 10" overall. Dishwasher safe.

One dozen.

Equivalent model numbers:
  ADC GSK-62
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